Green Maternity: An idea in diapers

… and then I woke up

A year before I got pregnant, I came across a photo that shocked me. It was a shop window where they presented the amount of diapers a baby uses in a year. And at the other end a handful of twenty-four very colorful cloth diapers.

imagen disposable vs cloth 2garbochic.wordpress.com/2015/04/23

Then reality hit me. It seemed incredible to me how it was possible that with the struggle that our modern societies have with garbage, we were so little aware of the damage we do, and how much we contribute to the problem with each child that we bring to the world.

We are talking about approximately 3,800 disposable diapers per year for each child and this multiplied by at least two years which is the least a child takes to learn how to use the toilet;  and add, that a disposable diaper takes approximately 300 years to decompose in favorable conditions according to the EPA. So the diapers that you and I use as a baby are still in a dumpster somewhere.

vertedero panal desechable in usahttp://www.afromum.com/house-helps-say-dont-wash-nappies

The decision was easy
I always dreamed to bring children to the world so that they would be of benefit to society, of good, so that they contribute and do not subtract. The decision was easy, I was not going to allow that the arrival of a my son represent more harm to our planet.



The need
Time passed I became pregnant and needed creams for my belly, I need to prepare my suitcase for the hospital, although I plan to deliver at home (of which I will speak in another post), my heavier belly needed support straps, I started breastfeeding and my breasts cracked, I needed ointment for nipples, blouses and pajamas to facilitate breastfeeding, the baby was born and I wanted to have it stuck to my chest and I needed a charger, laundry detergent for delicate skin, ahhhh! But what about diapers, what ointment for diaper rash does not affect cloth diapers?

There were many decisions and little sleep time. I was looking for information because I wanted quality products, natural and responsible with the environment. This caused that I had to search in various online and physical stores to find what will suit the needs of mom and baby Matías.


The idea
And I thought, if the arrival of a baby is a single process, although divided into different stages: pregnancy, delivery, postpartum, breastfeeding and diapering … should not there be a place where I can get everything? and rest that this place is in charge of the selection of products keeping in mind that they are natural and eco friendly. And it was there that Green Maternity was born, one early morning in March, between the sleep and wakefulness of a first-time mother who breastfeed.

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