Why use cloth diapers Caramel Streachy Flats?

Modern cloth diapers do not look at all like those used by our grandmothers, now it comes more and more in different versions, with very colorful prints and even with our favorite characters! I think it’s one of the many reasons why they’ve had such a boom lately.

But I must admit that there is something magical in returning to the basics of flats, they look so simple, elegant, vintage … yes I’m not crazy, I’m talking about that typical piece of square fabric that we fold and wrap our babies. But before you say “Melanie, why are you outdated and go back in time?” Let me explain that this time I propose something different, quality and comfort on another level. I’m talking about the Bamboo Caramel Streachy Flats!

What are you looking for in a cloth diaper?


Of course! That was the purpose of the invention of the diaper, its function is to absorb, and if a diaper does not absorb enough, it is not fulfilling its purpose. Let’s face it, most of us have a diaper that leak but we do not leave it because it has a nice print :).

In the world of cloth diapers we can find 4 basic types of fabric that make up the absorbent material, and I will mention them in order from least to greatest absorption:

  • Microfiber-synthetic, absorbs fast but does not retain the liquid, (compression leak)
  • Cotton-natural, rapid absorption
  • Bamboo- natural, more absorption than cotton, thermoregulator and antimicrobial
  • Hemp- natural, more absorbent but slower in absorption.

And the logical thing would be to say “I choose the one with the greatest absorption, which is hemp”. Ok but but we can not forget that although the absorption is greater it also takes longer to do it and we need something that absorbs a lot and quickly to prevent the urine from rolling over to the edge and leak occur.

This strechy flats combines 70% bamboo with 20% cotton and 10% spandex, to give you a better formula between quantity and speed of absorption.

Excellent for naps and for overnight adds a hemp insert as outer layer.

1 year 10 months, 27 pounds, in a Caramel Streachy Flat FOTW size Toddler 1, (28×28) Origami fold


Those who diaper know that cloth diapers are more bulky than dry disposable. This is because disposables have polymers that expand in contact with urine (we have all seen those diapers). On the other hand, natural cloths keep the same size before and after they get wet. And usually if you want more absorption you have to accept that they look somewhat bulky. So I do not think you’ll find something thinner between the cloth diapers that absorbs so much. And when you put your baby’s leggings on, they almost look as thin as disposables.

1 years 2 months, 20 pounds in a Caramel Streachy Flat size Infant (25×25) Origami Fold
Cover Rumparooz OS and inside a Caramel Streachy Flat size Infant pad fold


They are easy to clean because they are a single layer of fabric, so the water and detergent penetrate the fiber easier to wash and for a better rinse. For the same reason they are easier to clean by hand (in case you go through a hurricane that leaves you without electricity like me)

A single layer of fabric makes them dry quickly. And whether drying on a clothesline or in a dryer always remains soft.


Say goodbye to the red marks on thighs, this diaper fits the contour of your baby for its elasticity (10% spandex) and expand in 4 directions, allowing a better fit and mobility to your baby. And they are as soft as caramel.

2 years 5 months, 38 pounds in Caramel Streachy Flat FOTW size Toddler 1 (28×28) Origami Fold


You can use them around your baby folding them as origami or newspaper fold (there are different types of folds) and secure them with a snappi, boingo or pin. You can also pad fold inside your covers, or pocket diapers. They are the perfect pair for wool cover for a 100% natural and eco friendly system.

If you look at my stash is mixed between flats, covers, prefolds, fitted, pockets and all in two, it is good to have options, but I think that in each stash there must be at least several flats. If you are still do not convince, check it out for yourself. You will not regret it because you bought quality.

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