Kawaii Baby Pocket Diapers: Are you looking for affordable and quality cloth diapers?

When I started diapering, I did it mainly for the care of the environment, but also for economics reasons. So before baby “M” was born, I bought one of the most economical systems; 4 covers and 24 prefold newborn cotton. To my surprise baby “M” was born big (8 pounds with 12 oz and 23 inches long) and grew even faster. So at 8 weeks I had already gone out of size and absorption, I also discovered that my baby was what they call a “heavy wetter” (who urinates a lot compared to others babies of the same age).

Again I set out to find new and more absorbent diapers, and I opened up to the idea of ​​trying other systems. In an online video, a mother reviewed Kawaii Baby Pocket One Size cloth diapers, and mentioned that they were comparable in style and quality to leading brands such as Fuzzibunz and Bumgenius but at a much lower price. And I decided to give myself the opportunity to investigate more about them.

It is true, the designs and colors of a diaper are important and look adorable, that many people pay for exclusive designs. For me is important that is functional, practical and of good quality (and if it is economical better). If they are beautiful then it is a “plus”. Because if something is nice but it doesn’t work at the end you will end stop using it. Then I bought a dozen Kawaii Baby Pockets One Size that came with microfiber inserts and replaced them with bamboo inserts that are natural fiber and more absorbent.

For me they were a success! My husband loved them for the easy to use and wash. I left them prepared with the inserts already, inside the changer and it was as simple as using disposables or the “AIO” (all in one) but with the advantage that I could customize the absorption and are more affordable than the “all in one ” by much.

Advantages I found:

  • TPU Material: Allows baby’s skin to breathe while it is a more gentle process with the environment compared to PUL, since it only uses heat to seal the waterproof material.
  • Easy to fill the insert: Its wide pocket makes it easy to insert large hands like my husband’s and the TPU material slides better which prevents the insert from getting stuck by friction between the insert and the waterproof material. Those who have had this difficulty know what I am talking about and makes anyone want to fill in diapers.
  • Spacious without being “bulky”: It allows you to add the absorbency you need. Its spacious design makes it versatile. I can literally fill it with almost any absorbent without problems, such as inserts, prefolds and flats folded in “pads”.
  • They run big: What is a benefit because they say that it will serve your “toddler” up to approx 35 lbs, my baby was large and did not want to take the risk.
  • They have Tummy Panel! : They have a waterproof protection in the front waist that ensures that there are no leak for babies sleeping on their stomachs.
  • Three snap lines: They adapt to the size of your baby from the crotch to the waist and two lines of snaps that allow you to adjust waist and thighs independently. This is excellent because there are babies with small waist but with thicker thighs and babies with thin thighs but more paunchy.
Baby “M” 4 months Kawaii Pockets with 2 inserts of microfiber
Baby “M” 1 year with 9 months. Kawaii Pocket with 2 inserts of bamboo

Currently my baby is 2 years old with 6 months, weighs 31 lbs and is 38 inches tall and (still does not want to start using the toilet), so far we are using the Kawaii Baby Square Pockets Diapers, and has room to grow. Do you want to try? visit our online store green-maternity.com

Baby “M” 2 years with 6 months. Kawaii Pocket with 2 inserts of bamboo.

In our online store green-maternity.com you can find them as:

Kawaii Baby Square Pockets Diaper– In whole colors in packs of 6, with microfleece interior (material that keeps moisture away from baby’s skin) https://green-maternity.com/product/kawaii-baby-diaper-pocket-square-6-pack/

Kawaii Baby One Size Premium Bamboo– With designs in packages of 6, with bamboo interior (for babies that only tolerate natural fibers) https://green-maternity.com/product/kawaii-baby-one-size-premium-bamboo-pocket-cloth-diaper/

Kawaii Baby Printed Cloth Diaper Snap– With individual sale designs, with microfleece interior. https://green-maternity.com/product/kawaii-baby-printed-cloth-diaper-snap-pocket/

If you have questions or any doubt, write to info@green-maternity.com

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