Do you need gift ideas for a little one? Let Green Maternity inspire you!

Do you want to make a quality gift, original and friendly with the environment? Then create your gift with Green Maternity!

1. First choose your products (you can use the photos in the article for inspiration)

2. Let us know that it is a gift and we will send a card with a message from you

3. Free shipping with purchase over $ 45

4. Delicately packed, plastic free without extra cost

5. If you need help or have questions, write to us at info@green-maternity.com and we will certainly find something that works for you.

B. “RooZoo” print Kangacare Wet bag, Rumparooz cloth diaper cover and Pocket cloth diaper
C. Kawaii pocket cloth diaper include 2 bamboo insert each and Green Sprot glass bottle 8oz
D. Bebeboo “Romeo’s song” print, medium wetbag, pocket diaper, bib and Green Sprout zippycup plant base plastic
E. “Shimmer” Print KangaCare wetbag, Rumparooz pocket cloth diaper and Green Sprouts Glass Bottle 8oz
F. Bend Soap Lavander Goat milk lotion, soap and baby salve

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