Esembly Cloth Diapers New Prints!

New Prints of Esembly Cloth Diapers have arrived at Green Maternity. Esembly is a cloth diaper system consisting of an INNER (or fitted, absorbent part) and an OUTER (cover, waterproof part).

They are sold separately, which allows you to choose an OUTER (cover) and combine it with the absorption you want; such as prefold or flats. Or buy an INNER (fitted) and combine it with a cover of your choice. The options are endless!

OUTER (water proof part)
INNER (absorbant part)

Something I love about this system is that it comes in 2 easy and convenient sizes: Size ONE (7-17 lbs) and Size TWO (18-35 lbs), that’s why it’s easy not to fail.

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