New Bebeboo Prints: Lemons & Limes!

Bebeboo is a brand that Green Maternity is proud to promote for its quality products and outstanding prints. And for this summer do not disappoint, it comes with these two beautiful prints “Lemon” and “Lime” are beautifully refreshing. makes you want to run for a lemonade!

Available for sale here at Green Maternity from July 2, 2021

These limited edition prints come in:
*Petite FLEX (newborn cover)
*FLEX (OS Cover)
*CHOICE (Ai2 / Pocket)
*WETBAG (medium and small)

Processed with Focos

As absorbent for your diapers we recommend:
Bebeboo Bamboo Inserts, Bebeboo Fold, Ososcozy Prefold (Size 1 for newborn and Size 2 for One Size diapers) or OzoCozy Flats folded in padfold.

Remember that we offer FREE shipping with purchases of $ 45 or more, and all our shipments are made PRIORITY

Happy Diapering!


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