La Petite Ourse Femenine PADS


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Exterior: PUL, 100% polyester

Interior: Charcoal bamboo

Absorption and  Size: 

DAY Pads: 3 layers of bamboo, 23cm length

NIGHT Pads: 4 Layers of bamboo, 28cm length

Washable and reusable feminine hygiene pads are soft and pretty, their charcoal bamboo  interior will simplify their maintenance!

Made of a PUL exterior, their 3 layers of bamboo will keep you dry.  

To reduce pantiliners and pads slippage, we recommend using fitted underwear made of cotton. The silicone dots will also help keeping everything into place! 




Rinse: Rinse with cold water after each use. If you can’t do this immediately, place in a tiny wet bag and rinse as soon as possible. Rinsing rapidly will help your products remain stain-free.

Storage: Air dry before putting them with your dirty laundry (you can simply hang them on the edge of your laundry basket). You may wash immediately after you rinse.

Detergent: Wash with your regular laundry detergent.

Drying: Dry your products in the sun or in a drying machine (note that sunlight is a natural sanitizing and bleaching agent, and line drying keeps clothes in better condition than drying them in a machine.)

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