OsoCozy Better Fit Unbleached Cotton PREFOLD 6/pack


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OsoCozy Better Fit Prefolds – Unbleached Cloth Diapers 6-pack  

Prefolds are one of the most cost-effective diaper systems after flats, but they save you from having to fold them, because they are already “pre-folded”;)! They are the absorbent part of the diaper, so they need an additional waterproof cover.

  • They come in 3 convenient sizes:
    • Size 1- Infant (4-16 lbs) in Lilac thread
    • Size 2- Premium (15-30 lbs) in red thread
    • Size 3- Toddler (25-40 lbs) in brown thread
  • Material: 100% Unbleached Cotton. Unbleached are more soft than bleached
  • Layers 4x8x4: Means 8 layers of absorbent fabric in the center and 4 layers on sides
  • High Quality: Are Diaper Service Quality (DSQ), Soft, durable unbleached Indian cotton gauze. These prefolds quilt or fluff up nicely with the first wash. These cloth diapers are thick, very absorbent, and lint free.
  • Do you prefer the ease of tri-fold prefolds tucked into a diaper cover? No extra twists or fasteners. Just tuck, wrap, and done. OsoCozy Better Fit prefolds make this popular style of cloth diapering very easy.
  • Giving a gift? Popular Better Fit prefolds are available in attractive store shelf packaging. Perfect for gift wrapping. Each package contains six diapers and comes with use and washing instructions on the back side in both English and Spanish. These high quality OsoCozy infant prefolds make a great baby shower gift. 

Our recommendations:  Buy one cover for every 3 prefold, remember you can reuse de cover when baby pee, only need to change de prefold. Also can be used fold pad inside a pocket diaper


  • Use the Infant size like a diaper doubler when your baby graduates to Premium prefolds.
  •  Use as clean up cloths when your baby is already trained to use the toilet

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Size 1 Infant 6-14 lbs, Size 2 Premium 15-30 lbs, Size 3 Toddler 25-40 lbs


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